The Curse

"It has been a hundred years since your village was cursed. Once a sinful place, a traveling witch cursed your ancestors and their village. They would be forever bound to its limits, where they would live out their natural lifespan, impervious and invulnerable. They would contemplate their sins, and their bloodlines would pay for their misdeeds. Once every century they would have the chance to free themselves of their curse. Choices would have to be made. They would have to make sacrifices to redeem themselves. Two interpretations exist. The one says that, at the centenary, the village must rid itself of evil influences. That those who wish harm upon others must be cast out. This belief is dominant. The other, more insidious belief, says that the blood of innocents must be shed and that contemplating this loss will free the village from its curse. The adherents of this belief are hidden among the rest of the population, silently waiting for their chance. It has been a hundred years. Your lifeline, that which keeps you alive and tied to the village, has always been there. You cannot remember a time it wasn't. Nobody can. But in recent days it has felt... Disconnected. As if you might lose touch with the village. You keep it close and guard it jealously, for fear that your life may come to an end. You feel that the time is near. The feast is being prepared. Soon your village will be free of the curse. You look around and consider your fellows carefully. You know that not all of you will survive the coming days, but sacrifices must be made so that the rest of you may be free. It has been a hundred years, but it ends now."


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  • Georganiseerd door: Divergence Point
  • Datum: 11-10-2019 tot 13-10-2019
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